Towards Precision Medicine through biomathematical modeling
of a human body

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using the breakthrough technologies in the fields of genetics, biomathematics, Artificial Intelligence, and pharmacology.

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Building on its achievements in advanced human genome analysis, Digital Invest Inc. continues to evolve towards reshaping the landscape of traditional medicine. The essence of the new project, The BioMath Life Platform, is to shift the focus from statistical methods in disease diagnosis and treatment to mathematical ones. Using digital simulation, this approach opens up broad opportunities, particularly in predicting disease progression and the potential response of the body to treatment even before testing it on a patient.

Precision Diagnosis

“Medical Council of Physicians 24/7”, powered by a specialized version of Artificial Intelligence, as a significant aid to the attending physician in decision-making.

Quick Access

Reducing the burden on the healthcare system, as well as the waiting time for patients to access medical services, by increasing the efficiency and speed of decision-making in diagnosis and treatment.

Improving Life

Improving the quality of life and active longevity of people through monitoring of key vital signs and personalized pharmacology.

how it works

The platform's architecture, from a business process perspective, is sufficiently structured to accommodate various interactions with clients and partners. Its modular production structure allows for both comprehensive and specific requests for conducting particular research, by enabling partner involvement at any stage of the production chain.

Client and partner communication with the platform is facilitated through an external Information Hub. The Information Hub's tasks include preprocessing and sorting incoming data, adapting outgoing data to client needs, and ensuring platform information security. The Information Hub's operations are overseen by Generative Artificial Intelligence to expedite order processing and flexibly respond to attempts of unauthorized data access.

The core of the platform, BioMath Cloud, comprises patient genetic analysis data, their personalized biomathematical model, medical history, previous treatment results, and numerous other factors influencing the accuracy of modeling their current state.

Patient state modeling for disease diagnosis is performed by Generative Artificial Intelligence using Deep Learning technology and a wide range of medical information. Utilizing mathematical descriptions of organism behavior in various situations allows forecasting disease progression and its impact on individual organs and the organism as a whole. This information gives physicians time for preventive actions to achieve the most effective treatment outcomes with minimal negative side effects.

The full production process chain is detailed in the SERVICES section.

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Each service of the Platform serves as a link in the technological chain, while still functioning as a self-contained entity both technically and financially.

#1 Sequencing and advanced analysis of human DNA, creating an individual genetic profile for each patient.

#2 Creation of an individual biomathematical model of the human body for each patient based on their genetic profile and not only.

#3 Quick diagnosis, based on genetic predispositions, the history of monitoring and previous medical prescriptions.

#4 Modeling the development of the disease, ordering additional examinations and recommending treatment methodology.

#5 Selection and/or production of medications with maximum effectiveness based on the patient’s biomathematical model.

key resources

Our solutions operate on advanced technological equipment, cutting-edge algorithms and the maximum level of information security.

Sequencing Laboratory
Sequencing Laboratory
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BioMath Cloud
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Artificial Intelligence
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Monitoring Equipment
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Pharmaceutical Factory
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Information Hub


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