Towards Precision Medicine through biomathematical modeling
of a human body

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using the breakthrough technologies in the fields of genetics, biomathematics, Artificial Intelligence, and pharmacology.

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Precision Diagnosis

“Medical Council of Physicians 24/7”, powered by a specialized version of Artificial Intelligence, as a significant aid to the attending physician in decision-making.

Quick Access

Reducing the burden on the healthcare system, as well as the waiting time for patients to access medical services, by increasing the efficiency and speed of decision-making in diagnosis and treatment.

Improving Life

Improving the quality of life and active longevity of people through monitoring of key vital signs and personalized pharmacology.


Each service of the Platform serves as a link in the technological chain, while still functioning as a self-contained entity both technically and financially.

#1 Sequencing and advanced analysis of human DNA, creating an individual genetic profile for each patient.

#2 Creation of an individual biomathematical model of the human body for each patient based on their genetic profile.

#3 Quick diagnosis, based on genetic predispositions, the history of monitoring and previous medical prescriptions.

#4 Modeling the development of the disease, ordering additional examinations and recommending treatment methodology.

#5 Selection and/or production of medications with maximum effectiveness based on the patient’s biomathematical model.

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Our solutions operate on advanced technological equipment, cutting-edge algorithms and the maximum level of information security.

Sequencing Laboratory
Sequencing Laboratory
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BioMath Cloud
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Artificial Intelligence
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Monitoring Equipment
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Pharmaceutical Factory
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Information Hub

ABout us

Digital Invest Inc.
On the Market since 2010

(former GENEX Company and Biotechnology Group Inc.)

The BiomathLife Platform is a project of Digital Invest Inc., a company with many years of experience in research, development and commercialization of advanced technologies, including biomolecular research, diagnostics and precision medicine based on the analysis of the human genome.

The company boasts a team of seasoned specialists and managers, each with extensive expertise in spearheading groundbreaking ventures. Our collective experience spans diverse domains such as genetic analysis, Cloud-based Processing of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, telecommunications, e-Commerce, data security, and more, including the successful establishment of international enterprises.

Currently, our primary objective is to leverage our amassed knowledge and expertise to undertake a comprehensive Precision Medicine initiative. Our professionals possess a proven track record of implementing similar projects on a bi-national scale, and now is the opportune moment to apply this invaluable experience for the betterment of United States citizens and people worldwide.


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